Sunday, July 18, 2010

Peachy lilies

This month we are required to work Saturdays. It’s our turn again. We may wish it would never be our turn, but it’s only right. peach lilies
The week ends just don’t seem the same. They were already MUCH to short. :-) There are so many things I love to do in my “spare” time and friends and family to see. (I don’t believe in the term “spare” time any more than I believe in the term “extra” money. Neither exists!!  Who invented these two phrases any way?
peach lily
But our dear heavenly father has created an equalizer. When you are (or should I say I am) feeling out of sorts because I am feeling that I am forced to be some where I do not want to be or to perform tasks I do not want to perform I am distracted by something wondrous. As I was heading out the door of work (finally!) this lily beckoned me. Look, doesn’t it look like it is saying “come closer, look at me!”

peach lily1

And, of course, I did. Little lily, how can I resist your beauty? Who would want to? Then, lucky me, who got to work on Saturday, captured some lovely reflections and a butterfly on the way to my car. I’m saving those for my other two blogs. For more shadow shots, please check out Shadow Shot Sunday!

How is your week end going? I hope you are doing what you love best. Take care and God bless!



Willie a.k.a Reptoz

Beautiful Photos! we always work on Saturday, but we will have our reward. We will have 6 weeks holidays by the end of this year.

Hey Harriet

Your peach lilies are just beautiful! I think the person who invented the terms 'spare time' and 'spare money' actually had a lot of both. What I'd give to be that person! :)

Icy BC

This is a beautiful color of lilies, Judy! Small blessing like these are wonderful for the soul..

Journaling Woman

What a great distraction and beautiful job photographing these lovely lilies.

The Bible says we aren't to be idle. I *guess* were suppose to work. But, I would like to pick what I do and when -thank you. :)


Sylvia K

Gorgeous shadow shots for the day! Love the colors and the delicate shadows! Terrific captures! Hope you have a great week ahead, Judy!



What a wonderful attitude to have! And you were rewarded with such beauty. A lesson to us all!!!


Gorgeous lilies Judy, I haven't seen the peach color before.

I meant to tell you that the Willow herb is very invasive, it is spread by seeds and roots. Lime would be of little use with these. The photos were taken beside a small stream on public property.


Beautiful pics. Sis, you can be like a lily flower, if you always think of LILY...:-)


Gorgeous color of the lily..It also looks deliciously dreamy!

Self Sagacity

Nice and soft color. I have seen many different shades of Lily now. It's amazing how many there are.

Anne Lyken-Garner

It's never nice having to work at weekends. I hope the day went quickly for you.


Lovely flowers. I can almost smell them!


I got these on file too but too lazy to post. yours are great... love the color peach.

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