Wednesday, May 21, 2008


If you've ever been to a magic show and witnessed the slight of hand you may have marveled at what you thought you saw and wondered how it was done. I watched as my grandson and my little dog performed magic the other day. A scared little 3 year old looked up at me with apprehension in his face when my dog greeted him at the door. My dog, Brownie, a mixture of chihuahua and Jack Russell eagerly jumped on him, sniffing his little legs. Kii looked up at me as he steadily backed up with his hazel colored eyes wide and alarmed. I reached behind him, grabbing my dog's toy and tossed it through the air.

Brownie ran as if it was a steak, and not just a rope toy, made up of a lot of stuffing, some rope and a squeaker. It was a magic. A small little boy with fear and apprehension in his face now was transformed. His face exploded with laughter. His eyes and feet danced as he darted between Brownie and I trying to get Brownie's attention with his toy. When he finally released the toy long enough for Brownie to capture it, Brownie shook the toy wildly with Makii laughing hysterically. It was contagious. Laughter erupted from me like lava from a volcano. A three year old boy and a three year old dog made my day, and I bet they slept well that night. I did.

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