Saturday, May 29, 2010

I’ll never leave you nor forsake you…

We have that promise from God. God can do all, but he cannot break a promise.

Our loved ones, with the best of intentions, break promises and even our hearts sometimes, but even when human frailty causes us to be less than we what we would like to be, God gives us power to be so much more…



I’ll never go away
I’ll follow what you do
But there might be a day

When you’ll think that I left you

But every time you see a cloud
So fluffy, large, and white…
Please notice how it is
Completely full of light.

Every light within the castle
Is shining bright as bright can be
For God has made a castle
Just for you and me

I sit upon this cloud
Where you’re never out of view
And ask our God to bless you
In all you say and do

Judy Sheldon-Walker

I love writing poetry and am trying a relatively new site out that publishes and pays. I don’t want to recommend them until I see how it goes for awhile. More of my poetry can be read here.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

GEDC6644 GEDC6675 I like comparing the shadows of the first picture to that of the second. With the first the lines are crisper. In fact there are shadows within the shadows. I even used a drop shadow frame on the photos. :-)

The second picture has softer lighting and the shadows are muted and have little detail, but the oranges in both pictures compliment one another, don’t you think?  For more shadows travel over to  HeyHarriet.

Shadow Shot Sunday logo1

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Flowers

flowering bush 


flowering shrub
I have been fascinated by the transformations taking place in this bush. It is right outside my place of employment and I cannot resist stopping for a moment to enjoy it’s fragrance and beauty as I head out the door. It is such a welcome sight after ten hours of sitting in the same spot.

The first sign of buds were very similar to the lilac, which stands right behind it, and if it had not been that close to the other bush, I have to be honest, I may have not noticed the differences. These leaves are much bigger. The flowers are

two different shades of pink on one bush, and some of the buds are tiny white ones and others purple.

Flowers are like eye candy. They sweeten our view. They are used as gifts of love, and I believe our father gives them to us as signs of his love. Many flowers are used for herbal remedies, others for fragrances, aroma therapy, and some simply to look at. I am grateful for these lovely flowers that end my day with a beautiful pause as I am hastening out to come home and switch hats.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday and Yard Work

GEDC6284 GEDC6310


First stop today was a visit to Jeannie’s. Her irises have made their debut. Isn’t this one pretty?

Then my grandson came over to help me plant some flowers and dig up some trees that had planted themselves under my front step. I appreciated the extra help and muscle. We had a maple tree and two other kinds of trees that had taken root. One was similar to the one he is planting under. It had grown quite GEDC6311 tall. He laid them beside the steps for me to admire. Look at the roots on this rascal!

It’s difficult for me to find time to complete my yard work so I really appreciated his assistance and his promise to come back Sunday and finish planting all the flowers I have stashed. We could not dig out one of the trees that I cut down yearly; one that always stubbornly grows back, so I poured vinegar on the stump. It is growing too close to the house and could cause damage to my foundation. A plant can be so tenacious!

For more shadow shots visit heyharriet.

Shadow Shot Sunday logo1

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It’s Just a Fence!


GEDC5461  We came out to get in my husband’s truck to come home the other day
and I spotted this tree just a few yards away. I pointed it out to my husband and went to reach for my camera. He scowled so I climbed in the truck and decided I was not going to get the picture after all.


He then turned the key in the ignition and reached for the gear then said “Go ahead, you can get out and take your picture.” I smiled and jumped out quickly to get my picture.

This tree has decided it will grow despite the fence. Life hurls obstacles our way, and I like the tree’s response. It’s just a fence.

Monday, May 10, 2010

What do all these pictures have in common?

GEDC5331 GEDC5346 GEDC4951 GEDC5121 GEDC4924 GEDC4952

My little squirrel buddy tricked me quite a few months ago. I thought the birds were eating out of my home made “bird” feeder until I came home from work one day to witness the little rascal tipping the bottle up and emptying it into his mouth. Once he had emptied the bottle, he threw it to the ground.

The caper was long forgiven and forgotten. I bought some tulips and planted some of them for a friend of mine in her front yard, then placed a small fence around them. We stood back and appreciated our handiwork after she watered them with her hose.

The next morning I received a frantic message “Judy, they're gone! All my tulips are gone!” Come to find out tulips are fine eating for squirrels.

Lesson 1. Place moth balls down after planting tulips to deter the squirrels.

I still wasn't finished learning, however. I decided to try again to feed my fine feathered friends. I have a pair of gray morning doves that hang out in my backyard and want to keep them around. I gathered pine cones, tied slip knots on them, covered them with peanut butter, then rolled them in bird seed. I then tied them to a tree in the backyard.

Mr. Squirrel gnawed the hemp on the cones and carted them off to his personal stash. Will I ever learn? Perhaps I should post a sign in my front window “Beware of Squirrels!” For more squirrel pictures check out  Through Squirrel Eyes.

Thanks for visiting. Take care, God bless and don't go nuts like me!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

There’s a New Kid on the Block

The blogging block, that is.  Have you ever had a friend that would follow you to the ends of the earth? I have.  When I raved about Triond, she joined and she doesn’t even like to write.

She told me about so I tried that.
Then I told her about and we both have accounts there. We also belong to Facebook and Twitter.

Now we have created a blog for her because she is a sharing individual. She has a passion for nature and photography. She would love to share her photos with you.

Because she is quite comfortable on her tractor, we have nicknamed her “tractorgal” and decided to call her blog Tractorgalsgalleria.  I went to visit her today and she had three posts created before I left. I think we have found her niche. She was grinning ear to ear. She is a wonderful and talented person and deserves to be happy, so I am thrilled to see her that way. If you can spare a moment, please check her out and leave her a comment.

Thanks for visiting me today. Take care and God bless.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photo Play with Windows Live Writer

GEDC5381 GEDC5382GEDC5380GEDC5384

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rose of Sharon’s

GEDC5104_01 GEDC5105_01
What a perfect title for a perfect green house. The title is perfect because the Master Gardner’s name is Sharon (Clark).  The greenhouse is perfect because the plants here are without blemish and in perfect health.
This delightful greenhouse just opened and displays the most fabulous flowers and vegetables I have ever seen.  My friend Jeannie invited me to go with her and her children as they shopped there today.

As you can see by my pictures, we spent a  good portion of our day there, and the sky became more gray as the day progressed, but inside the green houses, you would never guess how gray it was outside. The colors of these healthy plants was so vibrant and breathtaking it was very difficult to decide which one to take home! GEDC5066_01 
 After finally deciding the manager/owner advised that if we bring the pots back we can get another flower/plant for just the cost of the soil and the plant. Hmmm . . . If you are in the neighborhood of 8937 Weeks Road, Horton, MI, come have a look. GEDC5086_01      GEDC5072_01                                                      
Their hours are from 9:00 to 6:00 every day of the week. Take home a plant for Mom for mother's day! God bless and take care.

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