Thursday, February 28, 2008

Liane Schmidt said on Feb 27, 2008:
Dear Chan,
I just wanted to send you a message to say, thank you for always sending out such positive, fun, innovative, creative work. Your light, happy, hopeful spirit can be felt by all who read your work!!! You are touching millions of lives!
Best wishes.
-Liane Schmidt.

Chan's Reply

Hi Liane,
It's my pleasure to contribute articles at Triond. Thanks to Triond for providing such a platform to channel the ideas to the world.I'm not wholly writing for money. Otherwise, I woulnn't be here. As I mention in my Hypertensive handbook, I wish to be a tree to share my knowledge, experiences and thoughts in hope that I can entertain, and give info which will benefit other's health.
I'm still learning here. I admit that my English is not good and am attempting to learn some fundamental grammar so that people can understand me better. I am lucky to have chances to learn from you, others, and Triond.
Please monitor my errors and feel free to respond your thought and critism on my articles. Thanks for being supportive of my articles.
Best regards,

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Liane Schmidt said on Feb 27, 2008:
Dear Chan,
I just wanted to send you a message to say, thank you for always sending out such positive, fun, innovative, creative work. Your light, happy, hopeful spirit can be felt by all who read your work!!!
You are touching millions of lives!
Best wishes.Sincerely,
-Liane Schmidt

Monday, February 25, 2008

Chat with Chan

My friend Chan Lee Peng has some enlightening things to say. Chan is currently a tutor in Malaysia, and because of the advantages we share of being contributing authors at I have had the good fortune of becoming acquainted with Chan. We share common views on preventative health and concerns about mankind.

Quazen > Authors > CHAN LEE PENG

Extraordinary Pictures of the February 21, 2008 Lunar Eclipse
by CHAN LEE PENG, Feb 23, 2008
The most recent lunar eclipse was seen from all over the world. Here are pictures taken from different locations.
Comments(8) Liked It: 12
The Wonderful Scenes of the Universe
by CHAN LEE PENG, Feb 20, 2008
Here are some of the wonderful scenes of the universe.
Comments(6) Liked It: 8
How Sperm Meets an Egg to Fertilize a Fetus in the Mother’s Womb
by CHAN LEE PENG, Feb 8, 2008
This is how the sperm meets an egg until it is fertilized as a healthy fetus in the mother’s womb.
Comments(4) Liked It: 6
News Ahead: The World’s Most Alarming Moments
by CHAN LEE PENG, Feb 3, 2008
These are the top nine unusual and alarming news events of 2007.
Comments(6) Liked It: 7
Sorry Everybody for the Re-election of George W. Bush
by CHAN LEE PENG, Feb 2, 2008
People were dissatisfied with the re-election of George W.Bush who successfully secured his presidential election in 2004.
Comments(5) Liked It: 6
News Ahead: The Word’s Most Critical Moments
by CHAN LEE PENG, Jan 29, 2008
Selected news that reported the critical moments people faced around the world in 2007.
Comments(7) Liked It: 7
Panda: From the Birth to Growth
by CHAN LEE PENG, Jan 24, 2008
The lifecycle of panda from its birth to growth as an adult panda

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Judy Sheldon

Making Sense Out of Food Expiration Dates
by Judy Sheldon, Oct 15, 2007
Many times, while shopping in America we are faced with confusing dates on packaged food labels. This article helps make sense out of the confusion. Also included are some helpful hints on keeping food fresh and safe to eat.
Comments(19) Liked It: 37
A Guide for Preparing and Eating Flowers
by Judy Sheldon, Sep 30, 2007
Take time to smell the roses: Who has not heard this statement said? Now we have an old craze renewed, take time to eat some roses, and dandelions, and calendula.
Comments(3) Liked It: 5


Make Your Own Beautiful Valentine Card
by Judy Sheldon, Jan 28, 2008
If you have a printer and a computer, you can make your own card. It is so much more special than a store bought one.
Comments(29) Liked It: 18
Don't Toss the Salt: 42 Household Uses
by Judy Sheldon, Jan 19, 2008
Tips for responsible salt consumption, and 42 of the over 14,000 practical uses for table salt listed here.
Comments(16) Liked It: 15
Little Known Facts About Ketchup
by Judy Sheldon, Jan 2, 2008
What do you know about the food that pushes all five flavor buttons?
Comments(34) Liked It: 28
Do You Know the Difference Between a Sweet Potato and a Yam?
by Judy Sheldon, Nov 25, 2007
I thought they were candied yams, but they were sweet potatoes. These root vegetables are actually very different from one another. Here is why we should be eating more of both.
Comments(4) Liked It: 6
How to Save At the Gas Pump
by Judy Sheldon, Nov 13, 2007
Tired of being robbed at the pump? Over a dozen tips to help you get your money's worth.
Comments(32) Liked It: 84
What Kind of Candy Emits a Blue-Green Light?
by Judy Sheldon, Nov 5, 2007
Here is a flower that has been used for years, is an ingredient in a very popular medication, and has substantial medicinal properties, while tasting good!
Comments(9) Liked It: 8
Tips for a Happy, Healthy Cat
by Judy Sheldon, Nov 4, 2007
If you have never owned a cat before, or feel that you are in the dark about some of the mysteries to raising cats hopefully this will shed some light on the matter.
Comments(29) Liked It: 8
Chemistry in the Kitchen
by Judy Sheldon, Oct 31, 2007
Tips and tricks with baking soda, along with a little history and science information.
Comments(9) Liked It: 8
The Top 10+ Reasons to Own a Cat
by Judy Sheldon, Oct 23, 2007
There are many benefits to being owned by your cat...
Comments(66) Liked It: 60
Lemons are Not Just for Lemonade: 31 Uses for Lemons and Lemon Juice
by Judy Sheldon, Oct 15, 2007
Some common and some uncommon uses for lemons.
Comments(9) Liked It: 16

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Make Your Own Beautiful Valentine Card

Make Your Own Beautiful Valentine Card

Step by step instructions for making your own personal greeting card. Don't be limited by the verses someone else has written. Tell that special someone what it is that makes them special to you. A personally made greeting card can say so much more than Hallmark can. Happy Valentine's Day! or Happy Birthday, or just because . .

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night with thoughts that pressed upon your mind shouting to be written down? Have you ever had poetry flowing through your mind when you had your hands full doing something else, so you could not write it down? Does writing soothe your troubled mind and calm your soul? If it does, and if you have, then you can relate.
Writing is a passion for me. It is like a relief valve, and without it I am sure that I would burst.

The worst punishment my mother ever inflicted on me, as a child, was the one of silence. My speech may not be eloquent, but communication is such a vital element of life, that I wonder what I would do, if it was taken from me.

God bless my mother. She means the world to me, and she has been stricken with a stroke, which left her unable to talk. Mother and I have had some of the most meaningful conversations, and now they are limited to her ability to write short notes, and my ability to decipher the meanings.

This is another reason for the relentless passion I have in writing. I want to keep my mind keen. I research health issues, and write on them at under the name Judy Sheldon.
It is imperative to do everything in one's power to preserve health, and I offer many good tips there, as do many of my fellow writers there.

Secondly, researching information and presenting it for publication keeps the mind sharp. We are aware of the phrase "Use it or lose it". I do not want to lose my ability to learn, comprehend, communicate, retain facts, or present them. Triond offers a good avenue for this venture. Join us there, and I guarantee a learning experience. Stop back often. I look forward to your visits.

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