Friday, April 25, 2008

What ticks you off?

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The other day I got out of work and decided to run into a secondhand store real quick before coming home. I knew I shouldn't because I had a ton of things to get done at home. I'm browsing through the electronics and used books when my cell phone rings. It was my husband. "Where are you?" he asks. On the way home, I fib, as I slide an intriguing looking book under my arm, and head to the check out.
No one in line, good. I breathe a sigh of relief, when a woman runs up to the counter to grab items laying there pushing a heavily loaded cart in between me and the check out. "Mom", says a young girl. "Let her go first." The woman completely ignores her daughter, and cannot even decide what she wants and doesn't want. She confuses the cashier so much she had to start over. After what seems like hours she counts out her change to the penny, pays for her items and then shoves another item at the cashier, and yells across the store to her friend to come to the check out now and have her items rung up. It was bad enough when she cut in front of me, but now she was adding insult to injury. My face was burning, my toe tapping, and temper rising, as her friend with arms loaded started piling her items on the counter. I was afraid to say something because it would not have been pretty.

The young chubby faced girl shakes her head apologetically. I stand there arms folded, shaking my head also. This is one of the reasons I could not wait to get out of retail after working it for a number of years. The girl who looked to be about 12 was now blushing. I wondered how many such scenes she had endured. I, myself, had endured too many. Maybe it was my pay back for going to the store to begin with.

How should we handle people who have so little regard for others? I am open to suggestions. Mother brought me up to not be confrontational, but I was beginning to feel that these two did not have mothers and maybe I should give them some motherly advice.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

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