Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hospitalized Patients Improve their Odds

When I came across these stats the other day I knew in my heart they were right. It read the recovery rates for hospitalized patients who return home to a pet are 500% higher. Just knowing you have that little bundle of fur waiting at home for you is enough motivation and incentive to help you get moving a little faster.

My new found friend, Koester has penned this article about her kitten. Please feel free to read, enjoy and comment. I did:http://www.authspot.com/Journals/Reunion-with-my-Pet.249055

By ATV Bill on Flickr

Reunion with my Pet

by Koester Moeller, Sep 11, 2008
A kitten was missing after 12 days when someone else fed two cats. Three months later I found her. What had happened? How carefully do animals observe? Do they feel your longing? To read more click on the link.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Happened to Triond?

When I first found Triond
Nothing could compare
To the love and support
That I found there
It loomed in my mind
Every where I’d go
I had to brag about Triond
And let everyone know
I told family and friends,
Stopped them in the street
Told them to log in –
This site is so sweet!
I hung up fliers
In my place of employ
I loved Triond.
It was my pride & joy.
In the middle of the night
I’d jump up from my bed
Racing down the stairs
To read something someone said…
Is not too strong a word
To describe the way I felt
I heard the word Triond,
And my heart would melt…
But shortly after that
I heard the word decline
And it was in connection with
Some work of mine
Similarity was the reason
Triond gave for this
My work looked like someone’s
So I was amiss
I could understand,
In fact I never disagreed
Originality is what
Every writer needs
But soon I read articles
That were copies of another
They copied from my sister
And copied from my brother
New writers at Triond
Were on the hot list now
Copying from others –
Triond published it
When I started here,
We worked hard to get our reads
When we made it to the top
We took pride in our deed
Where have the ethics gone
When four reads mean your contents hot?
And 400 or more
Means your content’s not!
There was a day
When the reader was the king
When they loved your content
And your heart would sing
But now you can’t be sure
Why the writers score
And wonder what
The rest of us have in store.

I want the old Triond back!

Can anyone tell me where Triond went?

Judy Sheldon (-Walker)

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