Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unshakeable Beauty

I don't work nine to five. I work eight to six.
Staying inside all day, I've got to get my fix.

Wandering to the fourth floor window, I've got to take my break
Loving the view I get, with beauty I can't shake.

The golden rain-tree stands proudly in the skies
Such a thing of beauty before my very eyes...
Colored Ribbons in the sky against the blue blue skies

Does the soul good to drink in lovely sights
Washes away the weariness and sets the world upright.

Nature by God
poem by Judy

Linked to Outdoor Wednesday. Have a blessed week!


Light and Voices

Joyce M

Journaling Woman

Both are gorgeous.


I loved all the pretty sights you shared today. The words you used fit perfectly. Great blog and I enjoyed visiting with you.


What lovely photo's and your poem fits it so well. thank you for sharing.

Icy BC

These are fantastic photos, Judy! Hope all is well..


Wow..these photos look like you're on top of the world looking down! Gorgeous!


taking pictures gives me a fix too. it fixes my mood. i will surely spend whatever free time i got in my hand if i was that busy taking pictures because it will surely keep me away from food. hahaha love the photos.

Self Sagacity

great way to express yourself. I love how you tell a story with poems. It's softer like a whisper.


Gorgeous photos and beautiful thoughts. Viewing nature does have a soothing effect on our minds, I can't imagine not getting a taste of it at least once a day.


Gorgeous view Judy and glorious sky!

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